“During care conferences residents POA stated “My dad is so happy he always says that staff is so kind and giving good care. He looks so good keep doing what you are doing I never thought my dad would be happy there. He was the man that always wanted to stay in his house. He even likes the food and snack.”


“I am very pleased with the care in the last year. She seems so much happier. She finally seems “at home” She feels like you guys are her family. It’s been a blessing.”


“Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness my mom shared with me how you took the time to chat with her and brought her donuts you act of kindness was so appreciated. So sorry it took this long to thank you. I think you have found God’s purpose for you to bless others with the gift of conversation. It eases the loneliness. Blessing to you.”


“Bertha has been blessed to at home St. Barnabus, professionally cared for and loved by many. We are delighted with the way that she has adjusted at the Arbors and rally appreciate the detailed attention that she is receiving.”


“Mr. Ewart who moved into St. Barnabus over 13 years ago stated. “Moving to St. Barnabus was the best decision of our lives.”


“Thank you for all you did for my mom. I believe your programs from daily groups meetings to painting projects to ice cream outings, kept mom stimulated and allowed her to remain in the present longer than she otherwise would have been.”


“My father spent 7 years at Valencia Woods and my Mother spent 4 years at St. Barnabas nursing home. The best care I could ask for for them. I wouldn’t have wanted them anywhere else.”


“Mr. Schleicher and our family truly love St. Barnabas. Everything about it is first class and that is why we chose to continue his care with you all.”


“If I would have stayed in my house, what would I have done? I’m so glad I’m here. Everyone is so nice.”

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