General Medicine Services in Greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

St. Barnabas System has served retirees and residents in the Greater Pittsburgh Area with individual and institutional services since 1900. We carry out this mission through comprehensive care services, independent living and living assistance facilities, and more. St. Barnabas Medical Center is yet another way we serve our community. Learn more about the general medicine services offered at St. Barnabas Medical Center.

About St. Barnabas Medical Center

St. Barnabas Medical Center is a full-service healthcare center that is open to both St. Barnabas residents and the general public, treating over 35,000 patients in Greater Pittsburgh annually. Located in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, in Northern Alleghany County, we are accepting new patients to maintain and enhance their health and wellbeing. We do this while bearing witness to our founder’s reminder that “God is able,” in order to help us continue our heritage of Christian caring, healing, and teaching,

Our medical center is staffed by a team of highly-trained physicians, dentists, therapists, and other medical personnel, who provide various healthcare services to our patients. We accept numerous insurance providers and offer convenient hours so you can easily find affordable healthcare services in your busy life. 

General Medicine Services Offered At St. Barnabas

General medicine doctors are educated to treat patients with a variety of acute and chronic medical conditions and symptoms. St. Barnabas Medical Center features primary care physicians that are board-certified in internal medicine and work alongside patients to monitor and improve their health. Whether you’re a resident of St. Barnabas Communities or a member of the public, if you’re in search of a primary care physician, look no further than the general medicine doctors at St. Barnabas Medical Center.

Coleen A. Carignan, MD, Internal Medicine is the Director of General Medicine at St. Barnabas, and she says her sole focus is making a difference in her patients’ lives and helping aging patients maintain their independence. Dr. Carignan and the general medicine team do this by forming close relationships with their patients and other specialists so they can coordinate to provide comprehensive care. Our doctors have the knowledge and experience to care for all of your and your family’s general medicine needs, including but not limited to:

  • Routine wellness checks and health screenings including annual physicals
  • Preventative care including nutrition services and health education
  • Illness care and treatment
  • Medication management
  • Immunizations
  • Women’s health services
  • Family health care
  • Lab tests
  • Internal medicine
  • Smoking cessation
  • And more…
Dr. Coleen A. Carignan of St. Barnabas Health System

We also offer specialized medical services, dentistry, and senior wellness and prevention services if you require more specific care. Whatever type of care you need, you can rest assured you will be well taken care of at St. Barnabas Medical Center.

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St. Barnabas Medical Center is committed to furthering the mission of St. Barnabas to help those in need through healthcare, education, affordable living, and social services. Our affordable, comprehensive healthcare services are available for both St. Barnabas residents and members of the Greater Pittsburgh community. Contact us today to make an appointment or to learn more about our general medicine services in Greater Pittsburgh.