Our Mission throughout Allegheny, Beaver, & Butler Counties

St. Barnabas Health System is one of Pennsylvania’s largest healthcare systems and has supported the needs of older adults in Allegheny, Beaver, and Butler counties for more than 120 years. We aim to help people in need in our communities with individual and institutional services, such as independent living and living assistance opportunities, healthcare services, and more. Learn more about our mission and how it’s embraced throughout our organization.

St. Barnabas is proud to provide a variety of services to aging adults in the greater Pittsburgh area. Every community we maintain and every service we provide at St. Barnabas is guided by our mission:

Building upon its heritage, St. Barnabas continues to reach out to those in need. St. Barnabas lives out its mission through individual and institutional services which help the health, education, and social needs of others. St. Barnabas invites men and women to join its work in continuing Christian caring, healing, and teaching. St. Barnabas bears witness to its founder’s reminder: “God is able.”

How We Live Out Our Mission

St. Barnabas lives out our mission by accommodating diverse lifestyles, needs, and preferences to welcome every resident and provide peace of mind to their loved ones.  We aim to reflect our commitment to this mission by providing:

Luxury Living At an Affordable Price

St. Barnabas Health System has operated with one simple goal in mind: to help retirees live comfortably at a price they can afford. With communities located in the scenic Western Pennsylvania countryside, aging retirees throughout the area can live luxuriously without leaving the place they know and love.

Our retirement communities feature inviting carriage homes or luxury condominium-style apartments with a variety of floor plans and amenities, such as stone fireplaces, gardens, and more. Residents of St. Barnabas can continue their active lifestyle with a wide array of activities, including the beautiful Crystal Conservatories with a heated indoor pool, a theatre, a golf course, and other options.

Charity Work and Free Care Fund

Our mission is also reflected in our dedication to supporting people in need through charity work and the St. Barnabas Free Care Fund. The St. Barnabas Free Care Fund has provided over $6 million in free services to patients and residents in need who cannot afford care. This money has been raised through charity events, donations, and businesses such as Rudolph Auto Repair, Furniture at the Firehouse, and The General Store. Learn more here.

We continue to help people in need across the greater Pittsburgh area and invite all to join our work in providing continuous caring, healing, and teaching through a Christian lens, whether that be through charitable contributions or volunteering at one of our annual charity events.

Continuum of Care Community

St. Barnabas is a continuum of care community, which means your loved ones can receive care that adapts as their needs change. Our patients and residents have access to a wide range of services including:

Our continuum of care model gives residents and their loved ones the peace of mind that their evolving needs will be addressed.

Contact Us Today

Serving the greater Pittsburgh surrounding area, St. Barnabas Health System is located within Allegheny, Beaver, and Butler counties and has been providing individual and institutional services since 1900. We are committed to our mission and our caring, compassionate team demonstrates this commitment each and every day. Contact us to learn more information.

For more than a century, St. Barnabas Health System has had one simple mission: to help retirees live comfortably at a price they can afford.
St. Barnabas couple sitting on bench St. Barnabas is… You There’s a place where everyone feels at home. Where the company is inviting, the conversation is warm and the cuisine is superb — a place that’s as comfortable with a crowd as it is with just a friend. It’s a place called St. Barnabas. Set within the gentle beauty of 600 acres of Western Pennsylvania countryside, St. Barnabas retirement community spans four campuses and is home to the beautiful Crystal Conservatories, warm indoor pool, an elegant theatre, a medical center, an automotive shop and a wide array of activities to help you live a healthy lifestyle. St. Barnabas is… Peace of Mind Take comfort in knowing that St. Barnabas is a Continuum of Care Retirement Community. You and your loved ones will find peace of mind knowing that St. Barnabas Health System offers a wealth of care services including rehabilitation therapies, home care, living assistance and skilled care. St. Barnabas Woodlands Fountain St. Barnabas is… Beauty Relax in beautifully appointed, warm, inviting carriage homes and luxury condominium-style apartments with a wide variety of floor plans available to perfectly suit your preferences. It’s all in the details – stone fireplaces create cozy living spaces, while modern touches can be found in the kitchen and bath. Residents of St. Barnabas enjoy an active and luxurious lifestyle complete with wonderful views of perfectly landscaped grounds and promenade pathways. St. Barnabas is… Happiness Enjoying great cuisine is not only satisfying, it can be a wonderful social time too. Here at St. Barnabas, we place a real emphasis on service, quality and presentation. You will find happiness dining on delicious food with friends in a elegant atmosphere. Living is easy with our indoor mall! Residents have access to a bank, post office, café, pub, hair salon, and more at The Village at St. Barnabas. And, we provide free transportation to nearby shopping centers.