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St. Barnabas Health System is here to help families tackle the most difficult challenges by providing extraordinary comprehensive care in a safe and wonderful environment.

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Quiet Confidence

Specially trained professionals.
Our exceptional Memory Care staff of Certified Dementia Care Practitioners are educated in best practice approach and care techniques. Be assured your love ones receive the best possible care in a beautiful, secure, and comforting environment. Our team is trained in engagement techniques that allow them to effectively communicate and interact with memory impaired individuals in a dignified manner.

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Person-Centered Care

Families can find comfort.
We develop a comprehensive, personalized care program that specifically addresses the unique medical, social, emotional, and physical needs of each Memory Care resident. Therapeutic programming, one-to-one engagement, and support groups are just a few of the practices we enlist to provide a holistic approach to caring for each individual.

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Life Enrichment

Sharing a fulfilling time.
Memory Care residents are provided a fully-engaging portfolio of diverse care services and activities created to foster their well-being; all while being treated with the highest level of dignity. This combines to create a sense of purpose and increased happiness and joy. Participating in favorite things like music, cooking, dance, and even exploring the world through virtual reality brings balance to the day.

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Purposeful Programming

A home away.
The Memory Care unit has been carefully designed to address simple challenges often overlooked. Soothing colors, special attention to safety precautions, and comfortable home-like living areas make daily living exceptional. The idyllic and beautiful outdoor spaces and opportunities to enjoy Mother Nature make life at St. Barnabas so much better.

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Food for Thought

Coffee or tea?
Memory care goes beyond cognitive support. Our chef-prepared food ensures our residents are eating balanced meals that keep energy high. We take great care to customize dietary plans and understand individual food preferences so there is a familiarity and consistency that is recognizable and reassuring to them. 

Dr. Joseph Maroon, MD, FACS

World-renowned partnership.
Dr. Maroon is a neurosurgeon, nutritional expert, concussion specialist, and brain health expert, as well as recognized author on the topic of living a balanced life. He also serves as the team neurosurgeon for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Dr. Maroon partnered with St. Barnabas Health System to develop our unmatched, community-based Advanced Brain Health and Memory Care programs. Through his work, St. Barnabas has become one of the premier Memory Care providers in Western Pennsylvania. Learn more about Dr. Maroon.

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