When you find yourself facing a bigger health challenge or needing specialized care, trust the medical specialists at St. Barnabas to get you healthy again. We have a wide array of professionals conveniently located in our Gibsonia office, so the right doctor for your condition is never far away.

You don’t need to be a member of our communities to access our medical specialists in Richland Township, and we’re currently accepting new patients. Find a specialist at St. Barnabas today!

Our medical specialists include:

Audiologist– Audiologists will test your hearing ability and balance. They also try to determine why your hearing loss is occurring, and they will provide solutions to improve your hearing.
Cardiologist-Cardiologists will test for and treat any disorders or diseases of the heart and blood vessels. This includes preventative measures such as dietary and lifestyle changes or medicine to stop the progression of heart disease.
Massage Therapist– Massage therapists are trained to manipulate muscles and soft tissues in the body, which can relieve pain, lessen stress, and increase your general wellness. Massage therapy increases healthy blood flow in your body, which can encourage injuries to heal and restore movement in injury sites.
Optometrist– Optometrists make sure that your eyes are healthy and that your vision is strong. They can diagnose and correct vision problems with contacts or glasses. Your optometrist will detect and treat any eye diseases that may be developing.
Podiatrist– Podiatrists can diagnose and treat foot and ankle problems, including bone spurs, bunions, hammertoes, sprains, plantar fasciitis, and fractures. A podiatrist can also fit custom shoe inserts specifically designed for your feet and gait.
Rheumatologist –Rheumatologists will help with the treatment and management of musculoskeletal problems, including arthritis, back pain, tendonitis, and more. If you have joint or muscle pain that isn’t going away, a rheumatologist may be able to help.
We also offer comprehensive physical rehabilitation in our Medical Center to help you recover from surgeries, joint replacements, or other trauma.

Larry Campoli
Larry Campoli, DPM

Dr. Campoli has been with St. Barnabas since 1990. He earned his Doctorate degree from Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine and a Bachelor’s degree from California University of Pennsylvania.


Learn more about Dr. Larry Campoli, podiatrist, and other specialized services offered at the St. Barnabas Medical Center.

You can learn more about services offered at the St. Barnabas Medical Center and other clinical services on our YouTube channel. Watch here.
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