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Jim Roddey, St. Barnabas Spokesman

“St. Barnabas Health System offers quality, value and options that are apart from the ordinary.”
– Jim Roddey, Spokesman

Founded in 1900, St. Barnabas Health System is one of Pennsylvania’s largest health care systems, offering comprehensive, compassionate care for people of all ages.

For more than a century, St. Barnabas Health System has had one simple mission: to help retirees live comfortably at a price they can afford.

Our four beautiful suburban campuses are located a short drive north of Pittsburgh, in Gibsonia in Allegheny County and Valencia in Butler County. Located in Beaver County is the newest addition to St. Barnabas Communities, Beaver Meadows.

St. Barnabas’ spectrum of care includes three retirement communities, five living assistance facilities, two skilled nursing homes, a community outpatient medical center, and rehabilitation therapy.

Providing more than $6 million in free care annually, St. Barnabas engages in innovative methods to raise money for its Free Care Fund such as The Kean Theatre, Rudolph Auto Repair, Furniture at the Firehouse and The General Store.

Learn about the extraordinary range of lifestyles we support, the rich cultural and educational enrichment we provide, the personal services offered, and the many amenities available in this community of people who care.

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