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Our goal is simple. We want you to get better!
Home Care Nurses at St. Barnabas

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St. Barnabas Home Care is truly apart from the ordinary. Our team of skilled nurses, aides, companions, and rehabilitation specialists will come to you, providing the care you need to recover in the comfort of your own home. Our mission is to help patients live independently for as long as possible.

Home Health Services include:

  • Escorts to physician’s appointments
  • Home Health Aides
  • Injections
  • IV therapy
  • Meal preparation
  • Medical equipment assistance
  • Medication setup and monitoring
  • Occupational therapy
  • Personal grooming
  • Physical therapy
  • Skilled & Social services
  • Speech therapy
  • Wound care

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We serve St. Barnabas residents and provide at home health care to private residences in neighboring communities along the Route 8 corridor in Allegheny and Butler Counties. With an in-home evaluation and review of your doctor’s recommendations we will design a customized plan that suits your individual needs.

If you are being discharged from a hospital or skilled nursing center and need a helping hand on the road to recovery, be sure to request St. Barnabas Home Care.

St. Barnabas Telehealth Program


What is Telehealth?
Telehealth is an effective new way for doctors to monitor patients between office visits. Health information is transferred securely by phone or the internet to health care professionals at a medical facility. That vital information can be used to detect complications or other medical issues early and has been shown to significantly improve patients’ quality of life.

St. Barnabas Home Care can set up a Telehealth system in your home to temporarily monitor vital signs such as:

  • Heart rate and pulse
  • Blood pressure
  • Oxygen level
  • Weight

What are the benefits?
Studies have shown that Telehealth medicine is highly effective, significantly reducing the chance that a patient will be hospitalized or rushed to the emergency room, especially after surgery or another serious medical procedure.

What if there is a problem?
With Telehealth monitoring, St. Barnabas Home Care professionals can detect potential problems right away and intervene if necessary. Our clinical team will consult with your doctor and, if recommended, will get new medications or a new treatment plan to help you get better faster.

Who needs Telehealth monitoring?
If you are coming home from the hospital or are living with a chronic medical condition, you are an ideal candidate for Telehealth monitoring. Our team of highly-trained clinicians will monitor your progress and will consult with your doctor should any issues arise.

How can I obtain this?
It is as simple as our St. Barnabas Home Care team calling and obtaining an order from your physician. Telehealth monitoring is free to our skilled nursing home care patients and is available to other patients as well.

St. Barnabas Medication Management Program

Medication Management

What is Medication Management?
Medication Management is a program offered by St. Barnabas Home Care to help you or a loved one take medications correctly.

Since prescriptions can be confusing and potentially dangerous if not managed well we are here to help with the following:

  • Review medication needs
  • Pour and dispense medications
  • Monitor vital signs
  • Review side effects
  • Reorder medications
  • Contact physician and family

What are the benefits?
Managing your health can be more difficult if you are taking multiple medications. Missed or inaccurate dosages can lead to serious health issues and can even result in hospital admissions.

With St. Barnabas Home Care’s Medication Management program, we can decrease that risk so you can spend less time worrying about your health and more time enjoying life.

How we can help
Our dedicated nurses will visit your home after coordinating a plan with your physician. Doctor’s appointments can be scheduled, refills ordered, and supportive services put in place to keep you on the right track.

We offer basic and comprehensive plans, as well as clinical assessments that can be customized to meet your individual needs.

How can I obtain this?
It is as simple as our St. Barnabas Home Care team calling and obtaining an order from your physician. Medication Management services are available to anyone concerned about their own or a loved one’s health and safety.

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