Businesses that Support the Free Care Fund

The St. Barnabas Free Care Fund raises money to provide free services to patients and residents at St. Barnabas Nursing Home, The Arbors in Gibsonia, Valencia and Beaver Meadows, who otherwise could not afford care. We are proud to fundraise over $6 million towards free services every year and over $135 million since 1967, providing financial assistance that can improve the health and wellbeing of elderly people in Allegheny, Beaver and Butler counties. The St. Barnabas Free Care Fund helps cover the costs of continuing coverage of care, in line with our continuum of care philosophy, so residents never have to worry that they will be forced to leave their living assisted or retirement community due to payment issues.  St. Barnabas raises funds for the Free Care Fund through annual events, gifts and the businesses listed below. 

St. Barnabas Broadcasting