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Job Title:Certified Nursing Assistant

To perform duties under the direction and supervision of the unit supervisor. To enhance/maintain the residents quality of life by providing for and caring for the residents’ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Essential / Specific Functions:

  • Make walking rounds with oncoming and outgoing NA’s (beginning and end of each shift.
  • Provides total resident care including such areas as bathing, oral care, feeding, enemas, skin care, nail care, shampoo, vital signs, weights, etc.
  • Reports abnormal findings to charge nurse immediately.
  • Documents on appropriate forms at the end of each shift.
  • Delivers and collects meal trays. Assists residents with meals as needed. Encourages residents to complete meals.
  • Passes nourishments between meals and assist those who need it. (10AM, 2PM, 7PM)
  • Fills water pitchers. (10AM, 7PM, 4AM)
  • Makes rounds and does a resident check every two hours on 7 – 3 and 3 -11 and every 1 hour on 11 – 7. Completes round sheets and gives to unit nurse.
  • Keeps residents free from physical and psychological abuse.
  • Maintains a safe environment, free of hazards, at all times. Cleans spills immediately. Reports needed repair or hazards to charge nurse immediately.
  • Attends to comfort of residents at all times and provide a homelike, clean, safe environment.
  • Dresses residents for the day in appropriate clothing.
  • Cooperates with other personnel to assure that the resident comes first.
  • Makes visitors welcome. Refers families to charge nurse for answers to medical questions.
  • Assists residents with ambulation and transport to and from other departments and activities.
  • Assists with resident rehabilitation in areas such as bowel and bladder training, range of motion, ambulation training, speech therapy, etc., as ordered on a daily basis.
  • Communicates with residents during daily care about things of interest to them.
  • Answers call bells promptly and provides the resident with the assistance they need.
  • Encourages residents to participate in recreational activities.
  • Cares for the residents units including making of bed, cleaning top of night stand, over-bed table, etc., after AM and PM patient care.
  • Assists with activities as assigned.
  • Cleans commode chairs, urinals, etc. after each use and before returning to proper storage.
  • Tidies work areas at end of shift such as kitchenette, utility rooms, etc.
  • Removes soiled linens and garments to the proper areas as needed. Does not overload hampers.
  • Attends all mandatory education in-services.
  • Maintain universal precautions at all time. Practices techniques, proper hand washing, catheter care, and other such functions related to daily care.
  • Participates in goal planning. Identifies residents’ problems and offers solutions.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by charge nurse.
  • Charge for supplies used according to sticker system.
  • Uses compliment and compliant system to address customer comments and responds to concerns immediately.
  • Weight requirements: Lifting restrictions = No more than 25 lbs.
  • Turns, repositions all bed and wheelchair residents every two hours.
  • Checks all incontinent residents every two hours.
  • Demonstrates knowledge and application of State and Federal regulations.
  • Understands and adheres to the policies and procedures of the facility and St. Barnabas Health System.

Physical Demands:
Good physical, mental health and emotional maturity determined by a post offer pre-employment physical examination. Plenty of stamina. Good personal hygiene a must. Free of communicable diseases.

Personality Traits:
Pleasant and able to get along well with others. Courteous and outgoing. Honest and dependable. Ability to remain calm in emergencies.

Minimal Requirements / Job Summary:
Provides direct, routine resident care as outlined in job description.

Educational Requirements:
High school graduate. Must be proficient in reading, writing, and understanding English. Have current/active Certificate of Nurse Aide Certification.

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