Another year is coming to close and what better way to prepare for 2017 than with planning your New Year’s Resolutions?

A new year is a fresh start and a clean slate to achieve the goals that we have planned for ourselves. While we set goals that we aspire to achieve, sometimes we set ourselves up for failure with unattainable resolutions.

As we make our way into 2017, we want to help you find a resolution that can help you better yourself in the New Year!

Here are three ideas to get started.

Find or renew a hobby

Many seniors forget about the hobbies that they once enjoyed in their younger years. As a New Year is about to begin, encourage your loved one to either renew the love they once had for that hobby or to find a new one! Whether it’s painting, playing bingo or knitting, be the inspiration that they need to rekindle their love for an old pastime or the encouragement they need to find a new hobby that will bring them joy.

A daily dose of physical activity

Though this is a common New Year’s resolution, encourage your loved one to make an effort to incorporate at least 20 minutes of physical activity into their day. This can be walking, water aerobics, or any other form of exercise that their doctor has approved which can help reap myriad of health benefits. Seniors who partake in physical activity can reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure among other conditions.

Resolve to make healthy choices

Make it a point in the New Year to give your diet a boost and eat a variety of healthy foods. Incorporate at least five servings of fruit and vegetables daily and choose fiber-rich whole grains, nuts, and less fatty meats. A variety of nutrients from different sources will help your loved one maintain a holistic approach to their eating. When it comes to starting and maintaining a healthy diet, moderation is imperative. If your loved one has a sweet tooth, encourage them to either have a smaller portion of dessert or skip it a few times a week and make it more of a treat than a habit! Remember to change your diet slowly to better the odds of sticking to a healthy eating plan for 2017 and beyond!

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