Being a successful caregiver isn’t just about earning your certification. It also involves possessing many traits that translate to positive care experiences for residents and family members. If you or a loved one needs advanced care, there are several key factors to consider. St. Barnabas Health System was voted the 2021 Winner for the Best of the Best Nursing Homes in the area. Here, we highlight some of the most sought-after qualities in skilled nursing care by senior living communities, residents, and their loved ones.

Efficient Communication Skills

When caring for an individual, effective communication is incredibly important. This is especially true if your loved one has a medical condition that requires comprehensive care. Caregivers are responsible for keeping residents, their families, and doctors up-to-date on day-to-day happenings. This includes several day-to-day aspects, such as:

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Activities
  • Challenges
  • Mood
  • Overall well-being

Partnering with an organization that focuses on communication can help to ensure better care for your loved one in a variety of ways. For starters, it fosters a greater understanding by the provider of your loved one’s life, what they enjoy, and what they need. It can also allow family members to feel comfortable confiding in providers about how to care for their loved ones best. Open communication can also ensure that treatment and after-care plans are fully understood by the resident and their family to ease stress. This plays a large role in the continued trust between the organization, resident, and family as well as the ability to ease any concerns that arise along the way.

Flexibility and Patience

Whether it’s daily routines, care regimens, or hobbies, our lives are constantly evolving. That’s why it’s essential to seek a care provider with flexibility and patience. Your loved one’s needs are ever-changing, making it important for caregivers to keep up with doctor’s appointments, interests, and more to ensure overall wellbeing. If your loved one has specific requests, cultural preferences, or religious needs, you must also seek organizations that are sensitive to those aspects and flexible enough to handle them.

Skilled nursing staff and other providers must also comply with adjusting rules in the medical field, proper care practices, and more. Since the healthcare industry is constantly evolving, providers have to stay updated on new procedures to deliver a professional level of care. Many senior living communities provide 24/7 skilled nursing care services for individuals, providing more than just peace of mind during nights, weekends, and holidays.

Staying Organized

Professional care providers are responsible for many important medical tasks, including medication management, after-care plans, and additional skilled nursing care services. Because of this, they must be detail-oriented and organized to keep track of all needs. Remaining organized can help provide better communication between residents, family members, and doctors, offering detailed insights into your loved one’s daily care. In addition, staying organized can help to relieve stress for everyone involved during emergencies. By creating agendas and emergency plans, medical care can be administered faster and more efficiently.

If you are in the Greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, including Allegheny, Beaver, and Butler counties, St. Barnabas can help you get the skilled nursing care you or your loved one needs. To learn more about our specialized medicine, rehabilitation, memory care, and other programs, contact us today.

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