Let us paint a picture for you. You’ve just undergone hip replacement surgery and are on the road to recovery. You’re ready to begin rehab; however, Medicare-covered inpatient rehabilitation is no longer provided.

Rehabilitative care is necessary post-hip replacement surgery. After leaving the hospital, you are considered an outpatient, and Medicare will pay the full Medicare-allowed rate for the first 20 days that you require skilled nursing or rehabilitation care. Once the 20 days have elapsed, you will be responsible for paying part of the cost for up to 100 days.

If you are unsure as to where to turn for your outpatient rehab, look no further. Thanks to our top-rated, affordable care, the St. Barnabas Home Care program is what sets us apart from the ordinary. In fact, in 2015, we received three Gold Tribune Review Readers’ Choice Awards for providing our health care to private residences in neighboring communities along the Route 8 corridor in Allegheny and Butler Counties!

Our team is comprised of skilled nurses, aides, companions and rehabilitation specialists who will take their expertise to you, where you can recover in the comfort of your own home.

Our Home Care program’s main objective is to help patients live independently for as long as possible.

We offer our patients in-home evaluation and review of the doctor’s recommendations. From there, we will design a customized plan that suits each person’s individual needs.

If you are being released from a hospital or skilled nursing center and need a helping hand to avoid any possible speed bumps on your road to recovery, be sure to request St. Barnabas Home Care.

After all, at St. Barnabas, our goal is simple. We want you to get better!

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