It can be difficult to decide whether to retire to a community or stay at home. On the one hand, you don’t want to leave your home or life behind. But on the other, you may be looking forward to trying something new. By taking the time to research, knowing what’s available, and learning what your future will entail, you can find a senior living community that will allow you to both preserve your freedom and have access to the care you need. St. Barnabas Health System is here to discuss how to make the right senior living decisions for you.

Evaluate Your Lifestyle

When comparing retirement living to life at home, it’s important to evaluate your schedule, lifestyle, and upcoming health needs. Moving to a senior living community can allow you to gain new experiences and meet new people, all while receiving easy access to healthcare services and other resources. If daily activities have become more challenging to complete, home care services can help you with everyday tasks, such as:

  • Scheduling and attending appointments
  • Bathing and showering
  • Preparing meals
  • Getting dressed
  • Mobility

Before deciding on post-retirement plans, it’s also important to do your research. You have worked hard prior to retirement and you’ve invested wisely, now it’s time to make sure that you evaluate your retirement living options.

Tour Top Retirement Communities

Exploring your retirement options can help you find a place where you’ll feel the most at home and have access to everything you need in the years ahead. When researching locations, you should ask questions about the services they provide, including:

  • Amenities offered, like exercise classes, spiritual worship, and educational classes
  • On-site services, such as home care, transportation, and events
  • Nursing assistance

It’s also important to ensure their restaurant menu is not only tasty but also nutritious. Many senior living communities often have a dietician on staff to aid in creating well-balanced meals. Within the St. Barnabas Health System, you will find several culinary-trained, on-site chefs creating delicious and nutritious meals.

For a more detailed overview of the retirement community, it is best to schedule tours and investigate communities in person. In doing so, you’ll have a chance to talk to representatives as well as the residents who live there. Current residents can offer insights based on personal experiences and provide a deeper view of everyday life, remember they were in your position once.

Explore the Benefits of Retirement Living

There are many benefits to choosing a senior living community, even if you are still active and independent. For starters, living in a retirement community will give you the chance to get to know neighbors with similar interests. It can also play a role in helping you discover new passions and engage in the activities you currently enjoy. Many senior living communities schedule daily activities to promote social and emotional wellbeing, so you can feel connected with the community.

Senior living communities will also allow you to engage in a low-maintenance lifestyle, as daily tasks like cooking and cleaning can be handled for you, and you can forget about home maintenance it is taken care of. It will also provide you with amenities for exercising, transportation, and home care services. Having easy access to home care services provides prompt attention and care when a sudden change in your health status occurs.

Retire in Style at St. Barnabas in Pennsylvania

St. Barnabas is dedicated to providing residents in Allegheny, Beaver, and Butler counties, and the Greater Pittsburgh surrounding area, with high-quality senior living services. We aim to create a resort-style, luxury retirement community, so you can feel comfortable wherever you reside. With a resident retention team, culinary staff, housekeeping, and maintenance workers, you can enjoy fewer worries and a life lived well. For more information, contact St. Barnabas today.

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