In the 1994 film “The Shawshank Redemption,” hope is the priceless gift that the main character gives to Red, the convict serving a life sentence, played by Morgan Freeman.  At the end Red hopes he can cross the border, he hopes to see his friend and shake his hand, he hopes the Pacific is blue.  He hopes.

Hope, one of the most beautiful and inspirational words in the English language.

And hope is what brings people to St. Barnabas.

Hope for a couple to spend their retirement years in comfort, free of anxiety and worry about growing old.

Hope for a family’s loved one to receive long term care in beautiful surroundings with respect and excellent medical expertise and loving attention.

Hope for a dementia patient experiencing the frustration and fear of memory loss and looking for a way to delay that loss, to enjoy the simple pleasures of today.

I hope that St. Barnabas will always be there for the men and women and communities we serve.

I hope that we will continue to grow and never be content with “good enough.”

I hope that our staff stays strong and committed and confident that they are greatly valued by the leaders of St. Barnabas.

I hope that the thousands of donors who have supported St. Barnabas’ mission of free care over our 121 years will never stop believing in us.

I hope that new donors will discover us and contribute to our free care mission.

I hope.

God bless,


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