When we think of senior living communities, our minds often go to the drab places shown in movies and television. The reality couldn’t be farther from that. Senior communities range from home-like to luxury suites, all built for senior living. They feel less like a hospital and more like a well-earned vacation. In fact, most seniors who move to retirement communities typically prefer their new living situation. They feel like less of a burden and can enjoy themselves more.


As we grow older, most of us will lose spouses and friends. As a result, living at home is a lonely endeavor. However, retirement communities offer friendship amongst peers of the same age. Everyone enjoys a sense of community.

Neighbors in such communities often travel with their newfound friends, though some stick to a simple cup of coffee. Upon arrival, newcomers are welcomed warmly by people in their stage of life.


Living alone as a senior is often dangerous. Sadly, older people may be the target of scams or home invasions. In a community, the likelihood of any criminal activity is reduced significantly, if not removed altogether.

Furthermore, the majority of retirement communities are gated. Only authorized individuals may enter.

Less Maintenance

As we age, home improvement and maintenance tasks often become increasingly more involved. The lawn must be cared for, windows must be winterized, and a leak needs to be stopped up. The chores keep adding up.

In a retirement community, the facility handles such maintenance. No more injured knees or backs while trying to fix a sink. We have teams for that!

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To schedule a visit to our retirement living community, contact St. Barnabas Health System by calling 724-443-0700. We’ll go over the reasons why living here is the right choice – both for you and your loved ones!

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